Past Events

Europe Direct Nicosia hosted Cyprus Peace Process Information Sessions!

From 15th of December to 22nd of December EDIC Nicosia had four evenings of Peace Process Information Sessions at the Home4Cooperation. Each evening concentrated on different aspect of the peace process, different stakeholders and how EU is affecting the current situation. The themes were; Representation of Women in EU bodies, Education’s role in the peace process, Common EU Market and Cyprus and How youth understands EU. Leading experts from both sides were here to share their work and knowledge and answer the questions of the public. It went excellent and was interesting to hear all the different views on the issues!

European Film Nights of EDIC Nicosia!
We done four nights of film nights at the Home4Cooperation, two nights in 23-24 November and two nights in 30th November-1 December. Every night has focused on different themes; Migration/Refugee Rights, Youth and Unemployment, Gender and Extremism. We had one short and one long film for each nightsfollowing by a panel discussion with the leading experts in the specific areas. The audience was very happy since they had a chance to watch a documentary as well as hearing highlights from the specific themes EU is facing today.

EDIC Nicosia has finished the series of Kids Club !

On 12nd of November saturday we did our last Kids Club in north Cyprus in Free School, children had fun and very excited while learning about the EU cities.Oya Akın and Polly Flourentzou took us on a journey through Europe, introducing us to the cultures of the continent, including foods, cities, famous monuments, football teams and celebrities like the previous kids club. But this they did not use the photo cards time, the children used their imagination to draw the things they have seen on the slide shows and they really had fun !

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EDIC Nicosia had an excellent Education Fair at the Home for Cooperation!

On 22nd of October 2016, our Education Fair took place at the Home for Cooperation as last year with the attendance of European Embassies like Austria, Germany, France, Romania, Italy and There were also representatives from the EU Scholarship Programme for the Turkish Cypriot Community. Students and their families from both sides come and it went really excellent! Attendees of the Fair had access to a wide range of information on application procedures, selection criteria, scholarship opportunities, accommodation options, language learning and foundation courses and more. We also had our friends that have studied in Europe to give brief information about their experiences.

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Europe Direct Nicosia done its Third Walking Tour but this time a Night Tour !

On Saturday 1st of October 2016, we done our third walking tour which took place at Night Time, the concept was cultural night tour. We walk around the Old City and explore at both sides the culturally valuable places, like art studios, cafes and publishing house.  We had very excellent time ! This night tour was very enjoyable and informative, our tour guides Marios Epominondas and Evren Inancoglu show how the old city turned to be a live city again with the cultural values supported and  preserved by the EU.

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Europe Direct Nicosia went to Madrid for the Annual Grand Meeting!

All the Europe Direct Information Centers around Europe went to Madrid for the Annual Gran Meeting on 17-19 October. It went really excellent! We had the chance for networking, sharing ideas and but more importantly had our workshops on different areas which were very productive. With these three days of meetings we improved our selves especially on the 10 priorities of the EU Commission and now we feel more confident to help out citizens !

Europe Direct Nicosia has participated in the NGO Fair 2016! 

On the 17th of September 2016, EDIC Nicosia has went and had a stand in the NGO Fair 2016 in Nicosia.The NGO Fair is organised by the NGO Support Center with collaboration of other NGOS. In this event there were many NGOS making their works visible to public. EDIC Nicosia had the opportunity to answer questions from citizens about their rights and opportunities from EU as well as events of EDIC Nicosia.

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Europe Direct Nicosia hold third Kids Club !

On 27th of July 2016, We went to SOS Children Village for our third Kids Club and there were 20 children who are living there and came from other projects. We played games and by playing they learned many things about European cities. Oya Akın and Polly Flourentzou took us on a journey through Europe, introducing us to the cultures of the continent, including foods, cities, famous monuments, football teams and celebrities like the previous kids club.It went excellent!


Europe Direct Nicosia holds second Nicosia Old Town Walking Tour!

On Saturday 28th May, we held our second walking tour around the Old Town of Nicosia. This tour focused on the political history of the city and made for some enlightening discussion. Participants were able to explore corners of history never before explored and to better understand the political scene of today with the help of the past. Watch this space for our two upcoming 2016 tours!

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EDIC Nicosia hold first Nicosia Old Town Walking Tour!

Our first Nicosia Old Town walking tour of the year ‘Gender, class, ethnicity: Stories from a shared and contested city’ took place on the 19th of March with a very successful attendance guided by Marios Epaminondas and guest speakers on gender issues.
During the tour, participants experienced walking around the whole of old Nicosia city whilst our guides were marking the significant places from gender, class and ethnicity perspectives including the old ‘girls only’ schools.



Europe Direct Nicosia Launches 2016 Kids Clubs Series

On Friday the 26th February, thanks to the facilitation of the Red Cross, we delivered our first session of the year with the children and families at the Dekhelia British Sovereign Base. Oya Akın and Polly Flourentzou took us on a journey through Europe, introducing us to the cultures of the continent, including foods, cities, famous monuments, football teams and celebrities! We played games and engaged the children in arts and crafts activities, making for an overall enjoyable and memorable afternoon.

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‘Horizon 2020 At a Glance!’ Training Workshop

On Friday 18th December 2015, Europe Direct Nicosia organised a training workshop on the EU’s biggest ever Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020. Researchers from many different sectors across the divide came to the Home for Cooperation to learn about the services offered by the Research Promotion Foundation, the general structure of the programme and rules for participation, how to use the Participants Portal tool, as well as to gain useful tips and other information about proposal writing. This interactive and thorough workshop gave an excellent overview of the programme and how individuals, scientists, researchers and SMEs could gain access to the funding provided.
















Kids Clubs with Europe Direct Nicosia

Europe Direct Nicosia held a series of three fun-packed and educational Kids Clubs, which aimed to introduce young learners to the basic concept of the EU, including the various cultures and geography, but also the Union’s values. We kicked off on Saturday 7th November 2015 with Loizos Loukaidis and Süleyman Gelener who delivered a session on Diversity and Anti-racism, using videos, games and art activities to explore important themes and messages. The series continued on November 21st with a journey through Europe ‘By Train’, with Oya Akın and Polly Flourentzou, who took us through the most famous cities in Europe, giving us an insight into their greetings, cuisines, monuments and celebrities. The series was concluded on December 5th with Nicolina Karaolia and Melis Eroğlu who introduced children to European countries through folk music, before helping them to construct play-dough replicas of some of the continent’s most interesting buildings. It was an enjoyable series of sessions for both children and parents alike!


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‘Study in Europe’ Educational Fair 2015

On Saturday 31st October EDIC Nicosia held its first Educational Fair at the Home for Cooperation. With the participation of the British Council and the island’s German Cultural Institute, as well as representatives from the Romanian, Polish, Italian, Hungarian, Finnish, Swedish, Austrian, French and German Embassies, attendees of the Fair had access to a wide range of information on application procedures, selection criteria, scholarship opportunities, accommodation options, language learning and foundation courses and more. There were also representatives from the EU Scholarship Programme for the Turkish Cypriot Community. This free event also included several short talks from graduates or current students at universities throughout the EU.

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EDIC’s Cycling in the City

In the context of European Mobility Week, EDIC Nicosia organised a historical and cultural cycling tour around Old Town Nicosia in order to promote environmentally-friendly mobility and active, healthy lifestyles.
On Saturday 26th September 2015, citizens from across the divide set off from the Home for Cooperation with tour guides Aydın Mehmet Ali and Kostas Kostantinou, and spent the morning cycling through the city, stopping at significant sites, including the Büyük Han, Pafos and Famagusta Gates, Selimiye Camisi/Agia Sophia Cathedral, Faneromeni Square and many more.

We would like to thank all participants who joined us for such a wonderful activity.

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EC Representation in Cyprus and Department of Environment EU Mobility Week Celebrations


On Saturday 19th September 2015 Europe Direct Nicosia took part in Mobility Week Celebrations organised by the European Commission Representation in Cyprus. Visitors came to learn more about the services we provide, to sign up to our newsletter and events, and to take home EU publications on a variety of topics. Despite the drizzly weather we had the opportunity to meet many members of the public, including cyclists and mobility enthusiasts!


Official Inauguration of Europe Direct Nicosia 

EDIC Nicosia was officially inaugurated on Wednesday 9th September 2015 with the attendance of many local community members and media representatives. Following a welcome speech by the Head of the European Commission Representation in Cyprus, Mr. Georgios Markopouliotis, there were keynote addresses from the two Mayors of Nicosia, Mr. Constantinos Yiorkadjis and Mr. Mehmet Harmancı. Following a presentation about EDIC’s services as an information centre and details about past and upcoming activities, there was a delightful performance by the Bicommunal Choir for Peace. The inauguration was concluded with a cocktail reception.











Europe Direct Nicosia attends Ms. Federica Mogherini’s visit to the H4C

Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, visited the Home For Cooperation, the residences of Europe Direct Nicosia, on the 24th July 2015 to meet with civil society representatives and youth. In her closing remarks, Ms. Mogherini states that: “…these exchanges give me a sense of the society you’re living in and I know the extremely valuable work you are doing to put divisions aside.”



EDIC Nicosia’s Open-Air Summer Film Festival

On the 24th- 27th of June 2015, EDIC Nicosia, organized their first Open-Air Summer Film Festival at the Home for Cooperation in the Buffer Zone, opposite the Ledra Palace Hotel. Each one of the four days of the festival explored a different issue currently affecting the EU and its citizens.
With a mixture of short films and documentaries, the first two evenings covered immigration and refugee rights, followed by social and inclusion and human rights. On both nights, audience members had the opportunity to discuss with expert panels comprised of local NGO representatives and academics. On Friday 26th the theme, which could not have been more topical, was crisis and austerity. The festival welcomed Renos Gavris, the writer and director of the narrative short film “Austerity”, who presented his film and gave his insights into film making and film festival culture. Finally, on Saturday the 27th, the issue of rising extremism was examined, particularly how it affects people on a personal as well as a collective level.
The nature and different aspects of the themes of each evening gave the opportunity for further reflection the reality that we live in, and our responsibility to be active citizens within it. The festival brought people from all over Nicosia together; guests had the chance to get to meet new people, socialise and exchange ideas and thoughts in a relaxed, summer atmosphere over popcorn and drinks.










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Europe Day Celebrations and Green Week Fair

On Saturday the 13th June 2015 EDIC Nicosia joined NGOs and Embassies to take part in AB Bilgi Merkezi‘s Europe Day and Green Week Fair. We had a lovely day meeting local members of civil society and sharing information about EU policies, with the youngest members of the community, whom we would like to thank for their help in running the stall!










Cyprus’ Second Annual PRIDE

The European Commission in Cyprus and Europe Direct Information Centre, Nicosia were honoured to take part in the PRIDE celebrations on Saturday 6th June 2015. We were joined by many members of the public and heard from key figures.

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EU Networks Meeting

lastOn the 11th May 2015, EDIC Nicosia attended a meeting with the Europe Direct Cyprus Network, EURES, Eurodesk and the European Consumer Centre in Cyprus at EU House. Representatives of these networks came together to share information about new projects, latest activities and to feedback from trainings in Brussels, and to plan for the upcoming months!




GREEN LINE TRADE:  Understanding the Green Line Regulation

On the 22nd April, EDIC 2015, Nicosia hosted an introductory information session on the Green Line Regulation. Kemal Baykallı from the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce headed the presentation, providing an introduction to the Regulation along with significant information on goods and relevant rules. Joined by Leonidas Paschalides from the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the speakers opened the session up for questions from the audience, giving way to a more general discussion about Green Line Trade.

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EU Funding Opportunities: Session 1 – De-mystifying Erasmus+

On the 19th March 2015, Europe Direct Nicosia hosted the first session on EU Funding Opportunities with Nadia Karayianni from the NGO Support Centre. Participants were given detailed background information on Erasmus+ and what it provides, useful tips on how to formulate project proposals as well as a step-by-step explanation of the application process.









Europe Direct Network Meeting at EU House

On the 13th of February 2015 the EDIC Nicosia team met with the other Europe Direct Information Centres in Cyprus, as well as the European Documentation Centres and the newly-established Infopoint. It was an extremely useful meeting for us as a new centre; EDIC/EDC officers from around the island shared their experiences and other information with us and we were able to strengthen our ties as a network. The meeting was held at the EU House in Nicosia, where we also heard from members of the Representation about EU news and the history and role of the Europe Direct Cyprus Network.