What is Europe Direct?

The aim of Europe Direct Information Centres is to provide accessible, user-friendly information to EU citizens about their rights and opportunities. We work to answer questions on all matters related to the EU’s priorities and activities, and to direct citizens to useful sources of information and advice. You can contact us with regards to EU funding and study programmes, information about local EU information and networking events, and for contact details of relevant organisations. EDICs provide free EU publications, factsheets and reports on specific EU policies as well as a physical space for EU-related research.

Kindly note that unfortunately, we cannot file or forward complaints, comment on specific EU policies or positions, or offer legal advice / interpret EU legislation.

For more information on Europe Direct, please click here.

EDIC Nicosia

The mission of EDIC, in accordance with that of the Europe Direct Information Centres network, is to inform European citizens about the EU, in particular about the rights of EU citizens and the EU’s priorities. The Centre will aim to promote participatory citizenship at a local and regional level and provide information on EU legislation and how this is being implemented in Cyprus. Information on the various EU programmes, grants and funding opportunities available to individuals and organisations in Cyprus will also be provided so as to increase opportunities for employment and education for citizens.

Within the framework of its operation, EDIC will organise a series of activities designed to inform citizens of the priorities of the EU and to celebrate its values.

Europe Direct Nicosia Walk-in Centre

EDIC Nicosia Walk-In Centre is located in the Home Gallery Building, opposite Home for Cooperation, within the UN Buffer Zone in Nicosia. The Walk-In Centre is located at the Ledra Palace crossing point between the two sides of the Green Line providing easy access to all communities of the Island. The Walk-In Centre aims to answer your questions in person and also hosts EU publications, materials, events and gatherings, transforming the Centre into a meeting point and a shared space.

The Walk-In Centre has three members, Nihal Soganci and Andri Christofides as co-managers and Lefki Lambrou as team member.

The Centre will be open five days a week from 10.00 am until 17.00 pm.