Nihal Soganci | EDIC Co-Manager

Nihal Soganci joined the Home for Cooperation Team in November 2019. She is currently also continuing her PhD in Social Anthropology at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens. Her ethnographic research mainly questions how North Cyprus gets collaged and montaged as home in the post 2003 period.

She holds an MSc in International Public Policy with a particular focus on Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation from University College London (UCL) and BA in Languages and Translation majoring in French from the University of Surrey, UK.

She has participated in the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival in Nicosia in 2019 with an interactive installation: The Affective Garage: A collective Junction. Experiences from the Installation will be part of a book chapter – Memories, stories and material traces: Exploring displacement through collaging and participatory art installation.

Previously, she has interned at Electricite De France in Paris, lectured in Public Policy and Administration and presented her research in several conferences and symposia.

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Andri Christofides | EDIC Co-Manager

Andri Christofides joined the Home for Cooperation team in December 2018. She holds an MSc in Social and Cultural Anthropology from K.U. Leuven in Belgium and a BA in English Literature from the University of Surrey, UK. She previously volunteered at NGOs both in Sydney and Nicosia and was an intern at the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research, before joining the Home for Cooperation team. Andri has been a member of the Europe Direct Team as a Co-Manager since December 2019.

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